Saturday, November 30, 2013

What is Direct Sales?

Direct Sales marketing is a simple and effective way to market products or services direct to the consumer. It involves the sale of a consumer product or service, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location by an independent salesperson. Products are sold through in-home product demonstrations, parties, group meetings or demonstrations, over the telephone, over the Internet and through one-on-one selling.

Direct selling is a growing industry with sales in the U.S. having doubled in the last decade to nearly $25 billion and are now more than $82 billion worldwide.

Do people purchase products from Direct Sales representatives?

Yes. Direct selling is a rapidly growing industry. U.S. sales totaled $28.7 billion in 2002, up from 26.7 billion in 2001, with more than 55 percent of the American public having purchased goods or services through direct selling. That's more than the number who have purchased through television shopping and on-line computer services combined. People value the products available through direct selling and 45 percent of Americans want to buy from direct sellers. Those who have purchased by direct selling are exceeded only by the percentage of those who have purchased via retail stores (96%) or through mail order catalogs (83%). As mentioned, worldwide sales are also strong with nearly $85 billion in sales.*

An opportunity for growth is seen with public interest in purchasing through direct selling (38%) exceeding those who have purchased (27%)! Here are a few reasons why consumers enjoy buying from Direct Sales Representatives:

  • Direct sellers can arrange their calls to fit the consumer's busy schedule and can deliver their purchases directly to them.
  • Direct salespeople are knowledgeable about their products and take the time to personally demonstrate and explain their products to the consumer.
  • Since the products are going directly from the source to the consumer with only the Direct Seller involved substantial savings from advertising, processing and shipping can be passed on to the consumer.
  • Direct sellers build a personal relationship with the Consumer giving them one-on-one-attention.
  • The Consumer knows who to go to with questions and concerns, as well as who to refer friends to, rather than dealing with a company full of unthankful employees.

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