Monday, July 2, 2012

Use small business groups to market your business

If you are looking for a place to market your business and network with other
entrepreneurs, then check out the Shameless American Capitalists. And don't let the
catchy name fool you, the group is open to business people around the world and there's
no cost to join.

Shameless American Capitalists
is a group of small and home business people utilizing
the technologies of the Veretekk V2 platform to promote and successfully market their businesses online.
You are welcome to market your business or passion here among like minded people.

We are business enthusiasts and supporters. We love free enterprise, the opportunities it provides for people around the world and the values it instills in it's practitioners. As a small business group we share successful strategies, tools, resources, experiences, etc. This is a free marketplace of products, services and ideas, but even more it is a mastermind business group designed to support the success of the small business person.